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charged : paralysis of left vocal cord in 2 ; enlarged superficial
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did not act without the exhibition of purgatives. Discharged cured on
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consideration, and none of them were of more than nine
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off; nerve cells, normal ; many perivascular spaces enlarged,
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you are able to recognize a small muscular contraction which
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a) Krishnappa Nayak b) Rani Meenakshi c) Thirumalai Nayak
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Later on he had trembling of the entire anterior half of the
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inoculation or feeding . . . 0.01 to .04 pro ioogr. rabbit.
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"The Army Veterinarian" was the subject treated by Dr. S.
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and on inquiry it was found that she had been growing darker
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glycosuria. Siuus slit up on 3rd day, and opening made into buttock. Rigor
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were pretty firmly adherent to the surrounding tissues, their
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knee-joints, in liver pus, and in purulent conjunctivitis,
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parts of these gyri and the organs of. special and general sensi-
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Number of withdrawals during year, 3,233, amounting to
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years. Swelling of scrotum for five days. Rapid emaciation of late. Admitted
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emphysema with scattered bronchitis, without pressure signs.
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a scientific organization. Qualified men may be found, but it is
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are repeated ; that is to say one patch of skin, or mass of deeper
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Attendance at a recognised Lunatic Asylum ... ... ... ^3 y.
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that the angular gyrus a part of the cortex which recent
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Temperature rose to 107"6° before death on 35th day. P.M. — Scattered miliary
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their mistakes and failures. Yet, gentlemen, I appear before
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increased, especially to the inner side, where a marked prominence was noted.
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midal fibres from the anterior pyramid crossing the median line
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pig {gloss-anthrax). The horse and ox show the acute, the
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find a shoer who will admit that the horse is lame in the foot,
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certain varieties, only one of which is now well known.
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appendix in 2, renal tuberculosis in 2, renal calculus in 1, acute
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barbed wire cut. And yet such conditions are so often met in
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Bullet wound of thorax. — G. S — , male, sat. 38. Clerk. Shot himself with a

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