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had been tried, to my knowledge, before Dr. Greene made his
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ble was correlative in spleen and liver, the lesions in the liver
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Transverse vertical section through the right hemisphere^ anterior view ; after photo. No. 5 of
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of Medicine, Nov. 20, 1877. Reprinted from the N. Y. Medical Record, Dec. 8,
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He had had no attack since the beginning of August, 1877. Once in Europe
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reaching 106'4°. There being some dulness at the base of the right chest, a
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1,231 loans on real estate (average of each, $2,561.31) . . $3,152,984 35
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cians about the same time, but Drs. Brown-Sequard and Laycock
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follow an object about with his eyes without moving his head.
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Austin, T. A. Shipley, W. A. Heck, L. U. Shipley," S. H. Bau- .
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However, this much is known, that the parasite prevails es-
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;^ a d J == a . !=3' r d c « h4 hj a a '^^ CO ^. hj pq
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He states that from the first every chill has been accompanied by a crop of net-
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attacks often lasted half an hour. Forceps were used in the
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beating time with her right foot. The knee-jerks were
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what I have observed in this branch of therapeutics.
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covered powder, producing an explosion which drove the tamp-
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Some doubt exists as to the absolute correctness of Brown-
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criticism and opposition. It has become rather fashionable, I
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about six weeks, when it was transferred to strong alcohol.
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[And several more verses to the same eff'ect, each verse being recited
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would-be specialists toil and wait, \ t m-ver come to be recognized
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to aid her in resisting the impulses described above. She was to stay a part

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