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and skin in the centre of the tumor in an upward direction un-
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surface was distinctly raised above the level of the healthy skin.
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face. Nystagmus more marked in afternoon ; deviation of eyes to the right.
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nection with this subject, and that is the necessity of using the
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cibly flexing one or botfr great toes, as indicated by Brown-
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In six cases an attempt was made to treat the disease by
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Transverse sections through the pons Varolii show no lesion except hyper-
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able interest. The following papers were read during the
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was developed from the pachymeningitis ; the malignant growth
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Autopsy less than twenty-four hours after death : Enormous
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perature, pulse, and other symptoms ; the conditions of the
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connective tissue, constituting the septa and the cortical layer
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4. Consequently it might be better to speak of arsenical
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driving in the city. It had recently developed an aggravated
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he gave in doses of .0025 or .004, and the latter in doses of .008
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Various observers (Lotze, Berillon, Moll) have pointed
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Number of withdrawals during year, 5,364, amounting to .
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bones, of blood-vessels, and upon the presence of gummata in
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February 26th. At 10 A.M., T. 39. At 3.15 P.M., T 37.7, P. 94, slightly
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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.
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. The head was brought to the laboratory and examined.
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ing of the minutes of previous meeting omitted owing to ab
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but doubt if at any time there was hemorrhage in the cord.
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15 transfers, amounting to $7,349.60, not included in above table.
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nutrition ; some oedema of the paralyzed limbs. Bladder quite
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was treated by amputation of cervix and colporrhaphy; in 1 case a ring pessary was
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latter advantage that the idea of leaving a flap was first
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have been repeated every two or three minutes. There has been much pain at
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careful examination jper vaginam. Patients will often
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I have elsewhere reported another case of (smaller) abscess
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appendicitis for which he had to stay in bed for 3 weeks. On January IGth he was
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lids and fastens them down with strips of tough paper.
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will meet with it in practice far more frequently than any of
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In view of the history of the case, the capricious development of the palsy,
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pool, who kindly lent lantern slides to illustrate the lecture, and to Mr. Frazer
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ering the ends of the bones, and even the vascular structures of

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