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well borne. The oxide and lactate of zinc have been much used

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Asylum for Idiots, read before the Association of Medical Super-

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are much more frequently adherent along the middle line

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syphilis, of certain neuralgias. In these cases the physician

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ing," both of which will be published in the Review.

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frequency, from three to eleven taking place every hour. At night they are

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.Since two months, emaciation has rapidly advanced, and strength has much

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Session. Preference, in case of equality between Students, is to be given to

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abdominal wall. Much bilious discharge. Rapid exhaustion. Death on 3rd

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days. Symptoms and p.-m. same as in rabbits, but sometimes

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Number of loans not over $3,000 each, 396, amounting to $487,309.13.

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as hysteria, myelitis, etc. I once artificially froze the soles of

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the ninth day in one case and the fifth in the other, and not till

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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses. Total.

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ciating paroxysms and gradually resumed his occupation as janitor. In last

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of the brain ; but whether this is really the fact or not can only

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alcohol in 4, of scarlet fever in boy, set. 11 years, who died on

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Of the total amount forwarded to Italy, $385,445 was sent for

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scattered throughout the brain and cord; they were present in the hemispheres,

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experimentation, however, seem to indicate that lesions of the

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during four weeks, and drank at the same time from one to two quarts of

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the costal margin and passing into the pelvis below. The swelling was

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