Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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of the body it will be useful to quote the statistics in most

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left common, internal and external carotid arteries; floss silk used for ligatures ;

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No twitching of right hand during the visit. Moves all limbs

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of the right external angular process of the frontal bone. Is ordered to take

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the end of the race on October 14 in the morning, all in normal

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noticed a curious associated sensation; which is. that whenever he squeezes

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distinctly smaller than that on the sound side (left). The perspiration is more

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payable the second Wednesday of April and October. Business hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Board of Trustees: C. F. Byam, M. E. S. Clemons, Frank Dow, J. H. Gibbs, W. S. Glidden,

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His temper had become hasty, and he had sudden attacks

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of the action of bromide of potassium upon the cerebrum is to

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By this irritation, there were caused the peculiar spasmodic

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scribed by the patients ; but in many of these cases autopsy

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In the cerebral form of disseminated nodular sclerosis we

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A course of Practical Work is commenced in January and is continued

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the ophthalmoscope, and found double neuro-retinitls ; a diagnosis which I

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man, S. W. Hopkinson, E. H. Howes, U. A. Killam, George Nichols, 2d, F. H. Pearl,

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while Lelut took strong grounds against phrenology in any form,

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three weeks, very lame with arthritis of the left fore fetlock.

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10. Toxic matters produced by the parasites of animals:

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Belladonna and opium are both stimulating to the brain when

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the one-sided arrest of sweating observed during life. In another

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The hypnotic effect of the drug is here well shown by this case, and its

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Pulse, 162; respiration, 52. At 4.30 P.M., pulse, 136; axillary temperature,

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Bruce, R. M., Western Hospital, Seagrave Road, Fulliam, S.W.

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Backwards 5. Direct violence 1 ; indirect 2. Fractured internal

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- "This lady sent you these cakes." (Pause.) "Thank you."

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eight weeks, completely overthrows Landry's conclusion. The

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about midway between the lower end of the patella and the

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Taxes, insurance, etc., paid on mortgaged properties ....

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general convulsion, repeated in the night. After this J. carried his head

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