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Yery little blood escaped on removing the calvarium. The

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hospital at Ithaca on New Year's Day. Since then he had

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From the centrosoma starts a red-stained thread winding along

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was of a dusky red colour with oedematous skin. It stood

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situation of this lesion was external and posterior to the anterior cornu of the

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Of cases discharged: 1 female had been an in-patient in 1895 and

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mentioned by any standard writer on the practice of medicine.

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In guinea-pigs with 0.5 to 1 c. c. a local oedema at site of in-

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Conrad, after the injection of morphine as in Case No. 2. The

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struments of the shoer. This is not the case with the sole, for

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saying that he 'was not willing again to take up arms against an

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sketch of the handicraft ; I have endeavored, however, to point

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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.

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from the upper end to halfway down the shaft. On section it was whitish,

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from the nail wound, while in the hollow of the heel there was

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severe, yet it is only careless observers who could mistake these

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from Dr. Stephen Kogers, in which that gentleman dwells upon

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then extend upward in the opposite half of the organ to the seat

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At the same time sulphocarbolate of soda was given in 15-grain doses three times a

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popliteal space 12 months before admission ; it was then the size of an orano-e,

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hoof. It is the same lack of conservatism which results in the

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diseased process. The two joints contained a greater quantity of

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upon the vaso-motor nerves going to distant organs.

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into its interior ; the bladder wall was in places over an inch in thickness.

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toury, in the upper part of the distended synovial sac and a

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the left during the attack, which lasts from 80 to 140 seconds without nitrite

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columns of the spinal cord ; and (b) that there is a remarkable

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always so-called, although for a long time Prof. Arloing has

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May 3d. The obscurity of the case is to-day cleared up by the discovery of a

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gard for the wearing away of the hoof was the only apparent

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