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Cases in which Aphasia occurred with Left Hemiplegia 52

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seen a number of cases of encephalic tumor and a number of

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sented for treatment immediately after the wound is inflicted,

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and extremely hard, covered with blood and mucus. I left the

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7. Pulmonary glanders and other tuberculous formations of

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out; but neither this nor the use of bismuth, hydrocyanic

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left upper jaw, extending from nasal bones to malar, and from lower margin of

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1. Arsenic, even in a few hours after its ingestion, may cause

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I always give the pill before meals, three times a day, and

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pus. Patient was very collapsed at the end of the operation,

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Vaccination is taught practically by Dr. CORY, who is authorised by the

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and a short wooden clamp which had been immersed in a 1-500

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movements are sent back through the same track, by means of

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Of cases discharged : 1 had been previously trephined, 2 trephined

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cortical sclerosis. The framework is denser, and secondarily the nerve fibres

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lead paralysis, yet from the contractures and the degree of emaci-

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and bile suits. On December 31st the jaundice was deeper, epigastric tenderness

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to foreign countries are employing as the medium for this trans-

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for some time after the termination of the paroxysm. In ordi-

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and deliberate, although the patient on recovering con-

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paralysis of pharynx and tongue, without preceding symptoms

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Board of Investment: A. C. Snow, A. T. Newcomb, E. K. Crowell, H. H. Fisk, O. E. Eldridge,

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had laid down for her guidance. Her husband's arrival was the occasion of a

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made fresh, and preserved in a dark bottle). 5. Ol. terebinth

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2. In a section made at a point 6 mm. above the apex of the

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strong backing by veterinarians which that city has. The ques-

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be had from observing the effects of the long-continued use of

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the height of the fever (treated with infus. serpentariae, spongings, fresh air

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in cerebral activity which many experience while taking it, I am

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divisions of the spinal cord ; first in the two systems, and second,

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