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slightly ; respiration mostly abdominal ; marked impairment of sensation,
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divided into chapters. The following is the arrangement of the
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tice of your art. For, even if you are ultimately to become
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heard of any other symptoms. He and many other leading phy-
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Taxes, insurance, etc., paid on mortgaged properties .....
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and treatment, except the season of the year, the percentage
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Personal loans (average rate, 5.09 per cent.): 5%, $36,058.33; 6%, $3,715.
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not show that she felt the manipulations, and displayed no con-
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Cases in which Aphasia occurred with Right Hemiplegia 44
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infiltrated stomach wall and omentum. Gradual exhaustion. Death on 4th
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\ Leqons dc Physiologie du Systeme Nerveux. Paris, 1866.
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patient left the hospital almost perfectly cured as regards paralysis, and in good
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1898. Up to Februaiy, 1896, menstruation had been regular, of 28-day
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ing through the external angular process of the frontal bone and the occipito- parietal junction,
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of young children the pupils may be dilated during sleep,
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When I examined Miss DeP. I found 1 paresis of the right leg, the loss of
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duced by contact was felt in the absent arm and hand. Still, it
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noon ; no new symptoms ; headache violent ; urine albuminous.
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tough, elastic feel. This lesion, extending through the gray matter, was
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insomnia attended by restlessness, I have obtained excellent
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1. The basis cerebri, including all the parts which lie upon
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a day, and by an increase of five drops per day at each dose, he attained a
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of the veterinary colleges. In view of the fact that the tenden-
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from the bed or chair, assisting himself with his hands. On
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Number of withdrawals during year, 5,954, amounting to .
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nent feature of the book, until now the possession of a copy of
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Death on 34th day. P.M. — Posterior part of pelvis filled with growth, firmly
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closely with the leg. Case YI. of first essay, Cases II. and III.

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