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ill-health. About January 19th, the left eye " turned in," and strabismus has .

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found. Brain matter freely divided, and finger introduced. Gauze plug

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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.

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No thirst or sweating. 2nd day, no alteration in condition until the evening,

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the next is inserted. The ends lie inside the rectum. When they have all

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motion. Examination shows moderate anaesthesia and analgesia in feet and

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adherent. Cord thickened. Castration on 3rd day ; inguinal canal slit up,

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tive tone and manner toward him without failing to be kind and

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safely at once by admitting that lesions irritating or destroying

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of Columbia. — Senator Gallinger introduced in the Senate,

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1. By fulgurating pains we mean abnormal sensations having

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under which healing occurs in from eight to fourteen days.

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main-en-griffe which is so characteristic of extreme palsy of the interossei.

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Patient died Feb. 21st, 1874. At the autopsy no general post-mortem

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sacrifices of life, which must be laid at the door of the falsely

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a. Guaranty fund {4-24% of deposits; increase during year, 84,450)

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before death the red cells were 3,850,000 per and

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oil in one dose. May 27. Remains well. Continue treatment. June 14th.

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There were about thirty representatives of the veterinary

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disease in one of the columns of the cord, saying that when the

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ing his teeth, that his wife had been unable to occupy the same bed.

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forward for improved legislation we must have at least $1,000

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the cleft palate (m). The exudate is crowding upon the tur-

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some stuffing of the disks; hypermetropia 4.5 of each disk."

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(7th), and abducens (6th) nerves. The last two lie on the con-

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Re-examined in bed, May 19, 1878. The face presents only the symptoms

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While the boy and I were at work on the cornet, an old negro

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W. H. Wade, J. L. Wakefield, Winslow Warren, S. M. Weld.

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bled to the extent of 12 ounces. This afforded him the greatest relief; the

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liano says one should not expect too much from serum treat-

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only by skin and a little adipose tissue. These legs also ex-

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therefore I gave no further attention to it, and finished the op-

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Consulting Obstetric Physician. — H. Gervis, M.D. Lond.

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