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mallein has entered into general practice, its use, which was at
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over the region of the anterior fontanelle. It gradually extended
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tomed to the trying duties of public teaching, I congratulated
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admission, after playing football, small swelling noticed on outer side of left
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up to 106^ ; antistreptococcic serum used from 5th day onwards.
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from them. These sections, and those from the nerve of the
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phalanges of the great toe are broken more often than those
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posterior part of the third frontal convolution of the left hemi-
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skilful and honest practitioner, much above the average.
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The closure of the perineal wound will have had the effect
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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.
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Due depositors on 3,100 accounts, averaging $422.15 each .
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the antero-lateral columns, sclerosis of the anterior nerve roots,
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increased slowly from .60 to 2.3 three times a day. After having been in
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The paroxysms of pain are the most terrible which I have ever witnessed ;
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expression; pain less. Abdomen flaccid and resonant. Tenderness in right
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changed his address since last notifying the Secretary of change
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1896, and February, 1897, and reference to the notes
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General condition after operation normal. On the morning of
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Intending Competitors, especially those who have spent a part of their curric-
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lost his appetite, lays down continually, and seems to have
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of various poisons and disease-producing germs. And this is
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able to determine it, that efficiency and economy demand such
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Candidates should, whenever it is possible, make personal application to
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pyramid of the medulla oblongata. At the base of the brain,
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Bank building and fixtures (estimated value, 850,000; assessed value, 850,000) . 30,000 00
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Eating, drinking, talking, attempts to wash or wipe the skin of the face on
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that the term avian diphtheria does not apply to a single spe-
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fluid. On upper wall of cyst was a papilliferous growth of superficial area the
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which elapsed before the paraplegia began was variable, as fol-
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beyond the limits of the cervix. In yet a third case the
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a. Guaranty fund {4-97% of deposits; increase during year, $20,800)
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be considered normal climacteric symptoms. The actual
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impairments of the motor functions in the right. The doctor cannot state

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