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occurs very early at a period varying from one to six weeks.
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explained by the large amount of heavy manual and me-
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a dilated heart, whilst too often chronic alcoholism has
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Mr. Hahn was in the barn bedding some of his fine cattle ; he
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iological effects are illustrated in the above cases ; in the treat-
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yields to the intra-abdominal pressure. In these cases a
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port, the patient could safely and comfortably have returned
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a duly accredited graduate, prepared the following, which was
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Personal loans (average rate, 4.02 per cent.): 4%, $35,000; 6%, $145.
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Prof. Leonard Pearson, at the opening session of the Veterinary
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Real estate loans (average rate, 4.76 per cent.) : 3^%, $85,000; 4%, $72,500: 4J%, $63,000; 4£%,
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I would close by warning you that you will need to exercise
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pigment. Only a portion of the inferior ganglion remains ; but
Of the 50 dislocations 16 were of the clavicle from the
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ture, at first hemiplegic, and then bilateral. After two years patient improved
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or neuro-retinitis. Let us, then, inquire whether we may not
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poeia, etc., 1883, p. 255, says: " The curability of any disease by iodide of po-
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as the disease presents some different features according to
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frontal gyrus, near the longitudinal fissure, which presented,
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extension inward can give rise to the motor symptoms which
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Wititer. An Examination will be held in the second half of the Fifth
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examination by Dr. Noyes revealed no cause. In the last few
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patient had suffered from slight attacks of giddiness during
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Wounds and contusions. — Males 23, females 10. C. 32, D. 1.
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It was, moreover, found by Dr. Amidon, that on standing and fermenting the
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functions of the nervous system there are two general divisions :
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much emaciated ; her eyes were bright, and she was perfectly clear-minded
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have been recorded and published — one in 1894, delivered by
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Broca, Bischoff, Heftier (1873), Prof. Turner, of Edinburgh
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position which might cost the lives of several patients in the
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