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part of the occipital bone, shall be horizontal. The greatest
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ing to note that this woman's account of the beginning of the ulcers agrees
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occasioually mixed with blood ; stuffy feeling on blowing nose. Dull aching
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mitted. We now have a membership of 42, but expect to have
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(Accounts opened during year, 2,816; closed, 2,088; increase, 778)
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make out any [symptomatic] differences between these attacks
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certain form of the disease. Salmon 1 speaks of these cavities
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Due depositors on 6,370 accounts, averaging $121.53 each .....
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Of the entire number of accidents 8127 were admitted
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tigator's determination thus marked a wonderful step towards
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Since that year the subject has been thoroughly studied by
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meeting were read and approved. Dr. Baker then delivered the
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cating lesion in the dorsal region of the cord. The attacks were
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of State. The capital of the concern is $17,000,000. The com-
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Taxes, insurance, etc., paid on mortgaged properties .
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activity, there is no nge limit for the disease when it aiiects
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admitted to Adelaide, having suffered from continuous loss for a month
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Bank building and fixtures (estimated value, $30,000; assessed value, $19,850)
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in mind, and a careful investigation be made as to their exist-
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shown a beginning of atrophy about its centre (flexor brevis pollicis) ; the
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cases of localized cerebral lesions that the two cases which I
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made above, that pain is a late symptom, and where it is
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escaped, filling the subcutaneous tissue. The cow was de-
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past four o'clock." Kecovery was perfect about the end of No-
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considered as probably limited in their application to the
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in 8, mitral and aortic disease in 2, herpes zoster in 1.
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be eaually commendable with those of the past, and in keeping
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(which in my experience is not until the third day), you are
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necessary, a drainage tube may be inserted. The horse is
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" Veterinary and Medical Students " was the topic of remarks
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absorbent wool covered with a layer of plain gauze fastened

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