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following manner : First Enumerate the symptoms of progres-

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start, and later they become cold, gangrenous and insensitive to

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Incorporated February 12, 1846. Number of corporators, 48; number of trustees, 26.

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sies of the abattoir companies, which do everything possible to

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and temperature to 106'6° before death. P.M. — Depressed fracture of left

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sium, 1.50, was to be taken night and morning for ten days, including the

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Mechanical fixation of both cords in adducted position. —

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On the eighth day they were both convalescent after having

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action, the torn fibres of the sphincter being retracted in

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credit to the present workers in the profession, but one must

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this should be is a mystery. Possibly it is because the spark of

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that during the six months of the patient's stay in my ward she greatly

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double vision, one impression appearing above and to the left of the other.

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Kinnicutt, whose accuracy in clinical observation is extreme.] This condi-

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Board of Trustees: G. W. Brat, Daniel Dunn, James Flint, Andrew Gale, L. J. Gibbs, F. L.

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disposing of dogs suffering from rabies this year. One-half the

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Tuesday, Januaiy 2oth, while working a sewing machine.

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twitching of the lower limbs at night. These three symptoms formication,

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globular and pulpy, limitation of movement; tibia displaced backwards. Sinus

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Kohler, Huyett and Rectenwald and several other members

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1. Coarse anatomy enables us to trace bundles of fibres up-

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tory of the case, only once was anything observed which might pass for a fit,

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vited by the Passaic County Medical Society to read a paper be-

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under the names of Merck's, Hottot's and Morson's aconitia.

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described. During the summer and autumn of 1879 his physical condition

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led into posterior fossa. Probe passed for 3 inches; bullet not found. Small

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The second group, to which belong all other trypanosomae

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old expression that the patient has inherited weak lungs covers

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sons to whom I have recommended it. The upper lip is very

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