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In certain cases the lesions in the mouth and pharynx of af-

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trol and eradication of this disease in cattle. The Bureau dis-

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mouth was dry and fissured, there were sordes on the

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On the sixth and seventh days after operation, patient passed several shreds

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ing, the terrible pain being relieved only after the second dose. Finally,

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continued. The pulse was about 80. Xo mastoid tenderness. Pujiils normal ;

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BoTT, AV. Gibson, J. P., 37, Kennington Park Road, S.E.

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aneurism needle, severed with a curved probe-pointed bistoury,

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spreading downwards to the arm, forearm and axilla. Recov-

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All of these horses were placed under the best hygienic

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ture of 105°. No evidence of osteomyelitis in femur, a probe passing into

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female patients, doses of .00024 or .0003 to begin with. These

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the storms of the present severe winter) let them perfect their

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flicted with abdominal tumors which I diagnosed correctly by

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by a slow and careful rotary motion the skin is separated from

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b. Profit and loss (increase during year, $85.49) ....

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getting out of bed, striking his head against a fender; following this there was

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Benjamin F. Dodge, President. Albert A. Fickett, Treasurer.

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the phrase " God bless you," as addressed to persons having

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but as much when the patient tries to keep still as at any time.

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carcinoma of gall-bladder, pancreas and peritoneum in 1; secon-

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gestion. Nothing like having a good foundation to stand on

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Board of Investment: H. F. Nash, J. W. Stevens, Joseph Griswold, Lucius Nims, Dana Malone.

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pathology, so we do not complete the third diagnosis ; and as

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Dr. Watson reported case of a hack horse, which had been

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in building up the solid edifice of pathological science. ' '

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different methods of recording the cases, some of these

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