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within the last week or so, when secondary rupture had taken place, with the
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I have no further notes of the case ; but some sort of galvanic treatment
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by him in animals, that muscles deprived of innervation which
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starting from the opto-striate bodies (from cortex of cerebrum
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better not to cut the ends short at the moment of tying the
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grain whole crushed and cooked, may be made the basis of one
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of the milk, and reports the same to the commission.
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March 1st the patient returned to his home in the country decidedly improved,
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Animal Industry Committee — Dr. George W. Pope, Chair-
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the cord and decomposes, and the child dies from peri-
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lesion was not due, as in Mr. Lockhart Clarke's case, to proliferation of the
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was ulcerated superficially, and the seat of great pain ;
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producing parasite throughout their lives, and are to be consid-
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71 real estate loans made during year, amounting to $463,600.
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phosphorus. In practice the various phosphates, the acid phos-
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increasing members to in the future prepare articles of even
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which I would have to use again in speaking of this one. It is
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It was suggested that x / 2 grain morphine be given, as it had
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chloral hydrate. In my hands, guarana or the powder of the
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ed against tuberculosis for their lives by vaccination according
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nal or external, are not likely to cause convulsions without the
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nerves, etc. He taught me that superficial counter-irritation
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with temperature of 106'8° followed operation. Boracie baths given daily.
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tion, with his eyes bright and looking straight ahead, he im-
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ator's first attempt at Bayer's quittor operation and the other
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1866-67, while House Physician to the New York Hospital, I had

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