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by ideas which can, perhaps, be best expressed in the form

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on its posterior wall and has grown into the left auricle,

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him in the middle of the room, loosened his friend's hold of his

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Gentlemen entermg at St. Thomas's for Lectures and Hospital

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2. Focal, transverse lesions, situated just above the lumbar

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patient said, the " erysipelas," which had on several occasions

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doughy, and necrotic, and was fllled with broken-down

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July 2d. While camping in the woods, awoke with paresis of left third

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given two or three times a day : Thompson's solution, 1 tea-

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were exported from this country to Europe during the first

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Real estate by foreclosure, etc. (assessed value, 8104,720) . . . .

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Features a little pinched. Liver dulness gone. Cceliotomy, urinous fluid escaped;

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ovoid mass of fibres, the crossed pyramidal column derived

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owing to the kindness of Dr. Cullingworth, who has handed

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gratifying results, viz., moderate toxic effects, and complete cessation of

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For want of space the cases are much abbreviated ; the phys-

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curable cases only. But the priests knew how to escape

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they are all considerably dilated, and contain a good deal of clear fluid.

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his idea of the meaning of such a sentence from the other words

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" Now we have thirty-one. There's a lot to look aftei- ! "

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which gave birth to this idea, and which brought about the

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patient was unable to retain the supra-renal capsules.

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rhages. Right disc grey appearance, especially in temporal half ; margins ill

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and was virtually beyond hope of recovery by ordinary handling,

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as well as dilated, and its endocardium much thickened.

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me, taking it for granted that properly made, fresh mallein is

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In estimating pathological conditions I am in the habit of

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of the body from the film is also a most important factor,

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the case should be designated as diffused central myelitis.

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bly motor ganglion cells of the anterior horns of the spinal cord

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