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on the pathological physiology of the cerebrum, t has ably

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tion of an absolutely sterile and, at the same time, potent

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Weir Mitchell and William Thomson, of Philadelphia, we have

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vicious. On Wednesday, the following day, he was reported as

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often referred to as having been the first to use hyoscyamia in

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size of a five-shilling piece, situated behind outer angle of orbit, with its lower

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verse process of the lumbar vertebrae and three inches in front

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in some legally incorporated veterinary college or colleges,"

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division of ulnar 1 j cut tendons 5 ; immediate suture 4; resection and sutui'e 2 j

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and on the eighth day his cough was checked. He was at hos-

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The tremor of paralytic dementia probably first makes its

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ward of the anterior pyramids and of the central motor fasciculi

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gradually declined to normal by the Gth day. Median coeliotomy on 6th day ; a

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plored : blood-stained fluid found, not noted as offensive.

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water, makes a sparkling glass of Yichy water, in which the

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plete, face drawn to left; pupils arc natural ; " speech mumbling." He ap-

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Temperature fallen to 97'4°. Pulse 60. Patient became very noisy and violent

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While it is admitted that we could not expect to receive any

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very commonly observed just before sexual congress. Romberg

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of aneurism of the innominate artery, and suggested a trial of

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The shaving aud the repeated soapings remove all the

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answer questions rationally. Offensive discharge from both ears. Tenderness

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and the normal relations of the various parts of the fore legs are

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there has been no marked change in his condition; he often makes use of the

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toe, appearing 9 months after a blow with a sledge-hammer. Gradual increase

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which it was referred has reported it out with a recommenda-

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A female patient aged thirty-seven years, was admitted to the service of Dr.

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xanax sleep disorder....ambien

bent) as in health. This is known technically as absence of the

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stall at night. Dr. Gill does not think we will find a typical

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heiniplegic on left side, and has lost speech ; is now able to walk about and

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I hereby make the following recommendations for consideration

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