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upon the fact that the white cerebral matter is almost invariably
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audit the Treasurer's report. Carried. President Miller ap-
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could be obtained, but yet no other food but the one to which
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of orange peel and fell ; on rising, fell again across tlie kerb, which struck him in
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attention to the distribution of tuberculosis have known for
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six inches square. The intestinal bloodvessels have the ap-
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oscyamia, together with the experience of the Committee on
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times closed, sometimes opened about thirty mm. In a few seconds clonic
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Fatal case. — S. H — , female, at. 53. Pyaemia. {Tide Special Table III.)
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History of dysentery in 2 ; operation in case cured,
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viz., the optic tracts and nerves, and the olfactory apparatus.
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needles, either whole or in pieces, glass, and fragments of
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diminished. 6tli day, stomach held 3 pints of quinine solution. No vomiting.
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paralysis resulted from wound or operation. Now bears a large scar on left
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on Dec. 13, a bill to regulate the practice of veterinary medicine
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In the first place all patients that are able have, of course,
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2 transfers, amounting to $109, not included in above table.
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again. In fact, the symptoms were the same as we see in any
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his hands. In some cases, however, the patient is so completely
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beim maunliclien Individuum vom 13 bis 22 Lebensjalire
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adolescence ; the skull, ribs, hand and foot bones, fibula, and
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recurrent nature of the growths, and patient came in with that object.
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5. The law relating to reserve to be held by trust companies to be
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right side to homologous regions in the hand and foot, viz. : the
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3. Paralytic dementia. In this disease the walk sometimes
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The Secretary reported that last year when trying to get
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Comparative Anatomy ... ... ... ... ... ... £2 2s.
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My friend, Dr. Birdsall, has invented a foot dynamometer,
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cover limited, and usually laterally symmetrical patches of skin
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his argument in the Societe cT Anthropologie : " I do not hesitate," he
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there is much inflammation present in the joint, together with

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