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{i.e.^ a free admission) and ^60 respectively, are awarded annually, after an

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of the tumor, w r ith the history that the patient presents, the

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fuse, frothy, blood-stained expectoration ; night sweats and

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that the first desquamation - ceased about one week after the

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injury, I am disposed to attach value to it. Great increase in

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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses.

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might not be amiss to recapitulate the diagnostic characters of

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the diseased frontal lobe and the dura mater, and that was over

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these two celebrated anatomists the fifth edition comes out with

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on 4th day in 4, on 5th in 3, on 6th in 7, on 7th iu 11, on Sth in

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Case of Ambrosia, from Athens, who had but one eye. She came to seek

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Bank building and fixtures (estimated value, 820,000; assessed value, $22,000)

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creased reflex. This mild tetanoid state gradually wore away,

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mother in the relation of details. Even as regards the original

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able quantity of deeply blood-stained fluid beneath dura mater, with dotted

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part in a thorough manner. Sections made at a point .5 c. above the end of

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logist. The surgeon, upon general grounds, will doubtless

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The second part consists of four special tables, followed

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considerations I would refer to Auguste Voisin's excellent essay

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sion and compression the wall and sole to receive less. And

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wound. Admitted comatose with scalp wound in occipital region; large baema-

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ations ; so that these cases are, after all, quasi- tabetic. The

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At no time did the iodide produce any unpleasant effects. Toward the end

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during the following week. At the same time the systolic murmur became

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bone. Death on September 14th. Intellect was always clear up to the last.

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favorably altered as a consequence of the handling to which

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parts of this nervous centre are very large, and nearly all crammed with

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farmer, aged 63 years, presented himself at my clinic for Diseases of the Ner-

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somewhat to one side ; "has some slowness and difficulty of speech." He

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Personal loans (average rate, 4.29 per cent.): 4%, $1,356,600; 4J%, $400,000; 4f%, $99,000;

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