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involves touchiug anything that is not surgically clean,
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Status epilepticus occurred in June and September, 1880; many attacks
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The walk of patients with cerebellar disease is usually badly
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the solution was forced in gradually as the needle was with-
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companies doing an international business, are now required to
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Schubart, in Ephem. nature curios. Dec. 1. obs. cxxxviii. p. 211, 1672.
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paralyzed in April last. Has been healthy and temperate. Last March had
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A parallelism might, I think, be drawn between this arrest of
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nerve, we find a swollen surface, not infrequently of a decidedly
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now takes food better. About this time, patient contracted typhus fever and
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percussion, and the breath-sounds faint but healthy. The
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arachnoidal space contained pus cells, cocci and diplococci.
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meeting, January 17th and 18th, the latter association naming
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the following morning 10 c.c. of antistreptococcic serum was
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greyish tubercles were scattered over the intestines, and finer
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My own name, being short and easily pronounced, he learned in
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abscesses, whilst they may result from a direct contusion of
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paraplegia. The principal cause of spasm (increased reflex
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to 4 ounces of pus escaped from cavity when patient put on hands and knees.
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of hemorrhage, as shown by Prof. Charcot in his recent lectures
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Otfier Zoans (average rate, 4 per cent.): 4%, $1,000.
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tory, and she was sent to a convalescent home on the 149th day with a small
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b. Profit and loss (increase during year, $3,747.20)
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Advanced Anatomy, Advanced Physiology ... ... each £6 6s.
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none in twenty-three hours, yet he is dull, and his pupils are small and fixed.
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to the left side of the body by that author. The difference
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plete the history of the disease. The first he observed in an
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Many members were interested in the subject of milk fever
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ambition been, on the contrary, to be walking encyclopedias of
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a great many. I at once prescribed Duquesnel's crystallized aconitia, a
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first time the American Veterinary Medical Association had
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retina and the nasal half of the right) lose their function, is in-

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