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sneezing has been the subject of congratulations, and of hopeful
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might expose your patients to such chest complications.
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Evelyn, W. A., M.A., M.D.Cantab., 24, Micldegate, York
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should be made, together with a rectal examination, in
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the most nearly constant ones have given negative results. I
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the straw bedding was sprinkled with crude carbolic acid. With
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This practice has seemed successful in my hands also.
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The only way in which we can hope to avoid these errors is by
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ent in all the cases. It was indicated by words, and, better still,
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resulted in mental confusion and inability to proceed with the
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are excitable, that is, respond to stimuli mechanical, chemical,
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in the cases of aphasia recorded in this essay. I am prepared to state, most
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such conditions exist there is need of the exercise of much
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verified by numerous observers, and an exhaustive paper on the
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and a second one just helow the left mastoid process. Wounds circular ; no
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bury, J. F. Leland, P. F. Leland, Aloise Maeder, J. H. Mahoney, S. S. Nichols, C. E.
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given on 22nd day, 2 minims ou 23rd day, repeated on the 26th and 27th days.
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The legs are jerked forward and outward, and the heel brought
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exclusively to lame, wounded, and diseased soldiers. The monastery of
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cervix never extends upwards above the level of the
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The urine was often found laden with oxalate of lime, and once, last summer,
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doses than for large and middle-aged cows. I also catheterize
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became much less frequent, and he unwisely left it off.
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cranium and pelvis. Of the limb bones the femur shows by
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districts of the brain. The only symptoms present were the
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As regards the diagnosis of lesions of the cerebellum, I must
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Was he lame when you purchased him ? How long has he been
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resulted from a dermatitis, which was partly suppurative, but
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start and establish the circulation. It was then dressed with a
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animal is asked to rise, she does it perfectly well with her fore-
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physicians, but never to the ^Esculapians. Hippocrates is
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operation, and any instrument that is wanted, but has not

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