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b. Diminution and abolition of reflex action in the peripheral

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Elisha P. Chapman, President. Charles L. Stewart, Treasurer.

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If the animal is not cast, cocaine 5 per cent, solution should

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especially useful. (This was written before the publication of

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of foreign substance, soft, friable and cheesy, which probably

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I HAVE designed this lecture as a pendant to Dr. Gray's dis-

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quent lancinating pains in the leg, which he carried in flexion ;

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which I may name O. Berger,* F. Kichter,t Seeligmuller,t JR.

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Number of deposits during year, 4,049, amounting to .

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upwards. There was an apical systolic murmur. A few small petechiae were

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the laws of derivation and utilization of these activities different

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the usual method, the entrance to the abdominal cavity being

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from uterine cancer avIio present themselves for treatment

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The statue was carried round in procession, accompanied by

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was the outer wall of the lateral sinus and portion of mastoid process ; f inch

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3. The most important function of money is that it acts as .

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ment of haemorrhage and surgical emergencies, and the completion of the

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The symptoms which are characteristic of sclerosis of the col-

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the p.-m. on horse No. 4. Some lymph follicles of the swol-

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Board of Investment: J. A. Gunn, E. L. Goddard, M. B. Allen.

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well to have the child under observation in the wards in

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priest. In the tablets we have given there are accounts of

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tained from horses immunized against all varieties of the strep-

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14, general peritonitis in 14, subphrenic abscess in 1, sub-hepatic and hepatic abscess

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squint, one would probably consider her as 'only a delicate anremic child. In

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there was ankle-clonus on the left side. Movements of right eye normal. No

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vulsive epilepsy would be greatly changed for the better.

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tion. One of these now very rarely has headache, although for

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conical papillae. The actual extremity of the tail has an ex-

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murmur increased in intensity, and it was decided to use antistreptococcic serum.

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P.M. — The ulcer was securely sewn up. There was general plastic peritonitis

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