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required during that Session, and the marks obtained in these Examinations shall
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ments (defervescence) was complete in case III., the thermometer
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escaped from the peritoneal cavity. Tlie pedicle was
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The First White Water Buffalo Imported into the Philippines from
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tested positive for valium
second party ; in other words there is not a true contagion.
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tainly not more than five minutes than B. came to me hurriedly with his
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ing, and Secretaries' names and addresses of all the Veterinar3' Medical
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moelle epiniere, Paris, 1871, in which I find a case of false paraplegia caused by
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I present these cases bearing upon the subject of choked disc
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rations stained in carmine, put up in glycerine or in dilute
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cerebral artery, with the exception of the second frontal gyrus.
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have been greatly enhanced. The next case is an illustration of this state-
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In general terms the cautery is a potent and harmless substi-
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inch beyond the right sternal edge. On September 22nd a diastolic murmur
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under high pressure^ shows a less normal dicrotism, and an
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The Secretary was then instructed to cast one ballot, re-elect-
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degenerative liver and kidney disease, in the so-called sthenic
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no lessening of fever. Restlessness. Increasing rapidity of respiration and
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and Turkey show an increase, for the reason that these people will
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Wallace, A. C , 1, Grange Terrace, Tlie Grange, Guernsey
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Board of Trustees: E B Badgeh G. G. Bradford, T. G. Bremer, F. H. Brown, S N Brown
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It would not be worth a patient^s while to submit to any

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