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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses. Total.

what does 1 valium do to you

reduction 1; after open incision 1; Colles' fracture 1. Distal phalanges 2;

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trace of an attempt at repair. The nerves are in nowise involved in the

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system generally. These baths may be employed liquid or in

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best to be used. Not only that, but it is not without the bounds

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this may be best prevented by change in the position of

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$155,796.87; 4f%, $28,400; 5%, $107,021.75; 54%, $1,150; 6%, $8,800.

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The superficial wound was then closed with interrupted

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The patient steadily improved in her mental condition, under

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and overflow a state demanding the daily use of absolutely

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largely on the lumen of the bowel, ffidema of left leg. Almost constant

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the posterior columns of the spinal cord. This want of clear

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Committee is empowered, with the approval of the Treasurer, to

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f W. Erb. "Uebcr das Zusararaenvorkoramen von Neuritis Optic* und Mye-

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test was never regarded as negative unless it failed com-

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and Association), Lawn Tennis, Rifle, Rowing, and Swimming.

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lay all the blame on the saloons for the filling of our prisons,

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flammatory mischief may be present, and in some cases some

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acquainted with all its properties, with all its effects ? Perhaps

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right of the umbilicus, with a knuc-kle of small gut protruding. No shock or

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tibia 1; fibula 1 ; scalp wounds 2; wound of buttock 1.

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after addition of a drop or two of hydrochloric acid, to a very thick, almost

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probably without tubercular deposit. The child was blistered behind the

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