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Centre) ; 11, for Platysina ; 12, for Head, Eyes, and Pupils ; a, 6, c, d (Ascending Frontal Con-
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yet they fear to bring them forward else others might think them
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(32). A bay draft gelding, presented by Dr. Berns on Sept.
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lar regions are both full, without yielding any unnatural pulsa-
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then ran downwards, outwards, and forwards, crossing the groove for the Literal
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2. Give a brief account on the administration of the Mughals.
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and in the course of two years, very gradually, the right hand and arm be-
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spasms. At first had a few diurnal seizures, and again lately.
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development of a large sarcomatous tumor in the right hemisphere ;
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left. No affection of sensation ; left knee-jerk increased. Speech normal; no
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chronic conjunctivitis, and the colon hacilluft from an
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the healthy parts and tissues ; as pathological or morbid when
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ably. One week before admission she complained of pains in the limbs ; she had
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physician, a man of great eminence, ignored the truly epileptic nature of the
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that they were bitten by a rabid animal, is not quite 1 per
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hours later on account of hfeniaturia. On examination, no shock, complains of
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ping the tendon, increasing it as necessary to develop the reflex
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supra-renal glands were both entirely caseous. There was
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With a large accumulation of precise autopsies, with careful

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