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ment and special attainments which are not always available in

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He gives the following doses as prescribed by several well-

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a throw, the god seized his hand and straightened out his fingers. In the

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effects of mutilation are said to be inherited, but I think this

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bridge Savings Bank of Southbridge showed that the bank was in-

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XXII. N. E., at. 60, seaman, admitted July 16, 1851. Five weeks ago,

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What it is possible to accomplish by continuous pressure

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animals calls for the utmost vigilance in order to prevent the

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patient showing during life any special symptoms of organic

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cal health, with tense arteries ; all these symptoms being want-

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2. C. K — , male, vet. 43. Father died of cancer. Difficulty of swallowiug,

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the right retina and in the nasal half of the left. Inasmuch as

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placed our knowledge of this subject upon a firm foundation.

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observed her, well-marked hysterical symptoms. She had a squeaky, tremu-

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tissue; the derma seemed hypertrophied, but the whole piece was easily dis-

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$1,269,000; 41%, $20,000; 4f%, $32,000; 5%, $1,619,401.80; 54%, $22,350; 6%, $11,600.

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of non-specific endarteritis deformans, leading to obliteration of

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In March, 1880, he had another attack, which was supposed to be due to a

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tral convolution of Ecker. These two gyri, the ascending 'frontal

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failed to recognize it, although it was the name of an intimate

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since improved steadily. Examination shows a common left-sided heniiple-

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