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1 of which the main hajmorrbage was situated near the posterior

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greyish tubercles were scattered over the intestines, and finer

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Treatment. — Excision 1 by anterior incision ; incision and scraping of abscess

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Femoral vessels plugged at site of amputation. Wound suppurated ; superficial

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while we have esteemed cocaine for its deadening effects upou

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me of the position of a deer in the forest in the act of scenting

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because he believes it cruelty to remove them ; another thinks

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were observed by the writer during his service as assistant and

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to look upon all operative measures for the treatment of

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invasion of the left anterior commissure by the diseased pia mater has pro-

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see for the first time, I order very small doses, doses such as

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pain and atrophy. The legs are perhaps weaker. Mercurial ointment to the

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Food caused fearful pain, and vomiting followed im-

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mula is so like that of the New York Hospital that it must be

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whether the American Sugar Trust at its refinery in Brooklyn

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