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With invitations before it from various and widely separated

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tion, though there was a degree of numbness and tingling of the

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the appearance of bed-sores. If the cervical enlargement be the

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All the cases, with one exception, were treated by dilatation and exploration of the

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the history given by the average man. We must learn to esti-

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the profession in general would be greatly benefited if some of

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gent cooperation of inspectors, dealers and producers ; a system

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rashness and crudity in practice, while ripe knowledge conduces

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extending through the diaphragm and into the adjacent lung

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h. Profit and loss {increase during year, $22,385.56)

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sured against sickness and death, but may be against accident.

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growth ; it was adherent to the diaphragm and abdominal wall. Large mass of

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which remained stationary. On examination both faucial

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and since that had been quite unfit for work, feeling languid,

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Wadd, Frederick J., M.B., CM., Prospect House, Richmond, Surrey

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also below the head of the fibula. In a few months these ulcers healed. So

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line of the opening. This was the best that could be done,

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allows of recurrence of paroxysms and the establishment of the

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the normal process of repair, viz : (i) Arrest of haemorrhage.

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The cause of this unusual abnormality might be looked for

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obliteration of one pleura and psoas abscess in 1, mitral disease

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associations, and associations whose members are personally ac-

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brought out of the wound. The end of the tube nearest the uterus was

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"The Army Veterinarian" was the subject treated by Dr. S.

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