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the inside and outside of the leg in the metacarpal region three

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the fractures, especially those of the upper extremity, too

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Brain punctured by trocar and cannula, also with fine scalpel. No pus detected.

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symptoms with left hcmiplcgia. She died on February 16th, 1873, in conse-

valium little yellow pill

inferior to the bladder ordinarily employed (vide supra).

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to do his office work. I advised him to take twenty grains

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being marked at ankle and toes. There was doubtful weakness of the right

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pregnant ; atresia of the cervix resulted, owing to cicatricial

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An absolute diagnosis may sometimes be secured by micro-

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was sure that nothing serious was the matter with him. Pulse 80 and good.

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with large prolapse of rectum ; the surface of the prolapse was rough and

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tient's symptoms. I have now advised him to cease treatment, and hope for spon-

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venient place of testing the tendon reflex is at the knee. If we

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bandry, inspection of all animal food products and the develop-

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Board of Investment: E. G. Wood, W. W. SpAULDrNG, Warren Emerson.

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reach this market, and buyers for that trade seldom, if ever,

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State whereby the means is provided for the efficient working

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Since 1890, Berkefeld filters have been in use to produce

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downward into the cord, in its direct and crossed pyramidal

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thrombus, the wall of which was apparently healthy. Discharged 46th day.

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I am perfectly ready to admit that the salts in question may

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solid extract of hyoscyamus, and made for himself a brownish,

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would sug-orest indicates that the milk glands and udder are in

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