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by loud talking and shaking, and then answers correctly (showing

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operation, the porter assists at the polishing, brings the

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weaning of the child, separation of the husband and wife at night, and or-

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dents on duty during the four years, so that the abscess list is, I

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lateral movements of the fingers. With the lower extremities

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seem that the face and tongue were not palsied ; and this again

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has to be fed with the tube, this makes the state of matters still

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domestic service, and is somewhat peculiar to London.

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portance to the stockmen of this State, whose cattle and sheep

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7th it was almost completely paralysed. Weakness of right side of face first

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first convulsions with loss of consciousness, occurring in subjects

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brought to those numerous and important parts which constitute

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or diffuse inflammation following the puncture ? So frequently

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and proved fatal in two hours to three days. Carabao, cattle

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goes without saying ; but the ordinary iron shoe that we are fa-

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that it served any useful purpose to retain them longer,

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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.

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sion of New Jersey ever had in their power to confer upon a

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that the perfect way of shoeing a horse is yet to be discovered,

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Emotional symptoms wetfe present in fourteen cases of left

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