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of intrathoracic disease, I made the double diagnosis of cervico

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Other loans (average rate, 3.21 per cent.): 3%, $50,000; 3J%, $23,300; 31%, $4,800; 4%, $2,000.

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3. Discuss the result of the Great Revolt of 1857 and Queen Victoria's

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Remarks on the Frequency of Headache and Choked Disc with Tumor of the

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Henry McGrath, H. G. Morse, F. C. Nichols, C. M. Parker, W. E. Putney, Daniel

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of intravenous sublimate injections for the eradication of foot-

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strated that there was no appreciable lesion of the subcutaneous connective

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contractured. At 10 P.M., respiration, 56; pulse, 160; axillary temperature

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I thought it might interest you to know that your journal

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noticed to be dull ; one week ago, after a fit, was found to be palsied. On

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toms, more or less exactly distributed. If the right half of the

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He first felt unwell one month before admission; a week later he gave up

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equal and active. No crepitations or rhonchi heard in lung; air entering left

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Two observations are found in each daily column, one in the

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bicycles, foot ball, automobiles, etc. This race was to cover a

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preference to " sign," as there was no difficulty in comprehend-

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2| inches, and vertically l^ inches, the tumour then being obviously smaller and

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1,010, showing that the cane sugar had fermented and disappeared.

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his pupils, J. Betous, in his inaugural dissertation.^

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