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Intoxication Valium Chat

would be sitting up and very bright, and the next day might appear moribund.
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an acceptance of modern physiological teaching upon the
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Incorporated February 26, 1869. Number of corporators, 39; number of trustees, 19.
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world to-day will show that they are prosperous in direct pro-
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giving of three doses of .30 of quinia two hours apart, and
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Both pairs of limbs are much elongated, the hind limbs being
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Conium, in the form of fluid extract, is not, to my knowledge,
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escaping from the mouth. There is marked anaesthesia in range cf left supra-
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their length will determine (1) how far the denudation of
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of buffaloes. The bronchial glands were enlarged, of oval form,
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first time the American Veterinary Medical Association had
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the winter iodide of potassium internally, and galvanism to the hands and
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crossed pyramidal column, and extending to the pia mater and
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plete ; facial palsy on right side ; pupils regular. Patient has lost power of
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Has only noticed an occasional soreness in the tongue, provoked especially by
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Do Not Overlook the " Army Veterinary Department »'
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passed to the right of the tumour and behind it for 5^ inches.
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Dr. Critcherson closed the discussion on the subject of
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Operative Surgery ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .^5 5^.

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