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are well shown in Fig. 8, modified from a cut in Prof. Charcot's
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become larger and deeper. Urine contained albumen. Amputation of leg at
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existed, and causes even an abnormal degree of muscular strength.
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injury, such as surgical operation, stabs, the bursting of
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on the left side will cause softening of the posterior part of the
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in abdomen. No pei'itonitis, but gut distended, and portion which had been
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careful examination failed to reveal any objective symptom except a buccal
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Another form of aesthesiometer is made like a compass, with or
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proceedings of this meeting that each member could have
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Patient is thin and in poor health : has been using an unknown quantity of
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persons who have devoted their whole attention to the subject
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ous in the leg and foot. In the right side, generally, the parses-
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President Lowe promised to present a paper on the subject
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The instance which I reproduce was of this last kind, and to my
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he dedicated in the temple as the god had commanded him. Now it
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The family arc all unusually healthy. Besides J. there arc seven living
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the axilla the note is more resonant than in this area on the left. No altera-
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remarkable manner. The heads of these cells present an irregular ovoid
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even dogs wear shoes — at least, part of the time. It is not on
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in order of frequency in our series, with a total number of
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the old one. What, then, are to be our guides in regard to
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judging this is to use at first a minimum amount of force in tap-
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Under reports of cases, Dr. G. R. Conrad stated that he had
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three in number, according to requirements — are then

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