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danger of neglecting wounds of that kind, as if neglected, there

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Aside from the pneumonia accident, which we consider due

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of the horses led us to think that the cocci entered by this way.

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brief report the author says that he found out that the poor

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Sarcoma of tibia. — E. M — , female, a;t. 45. Married. Eleven years ago

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ucts, and to buy up the business and plants of other like corpo-

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The appearances presented in a case of complete rupture

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or the stick was pointed at him, but he would not get up. On the

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oil followed by upward pressure on the offending body will often

what brand of valium is best

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tions for quittor and cunean tenotomy ; Dr. J. J. Hogarty, pro-

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VIII. J. H. H., set. 30, grocer, admitted July 17, 1861. Three years ago

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following a full dose. ( Vide cases by Dr. Shaw, p. 477.)

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cheek and tongue. I most positively said or did nothing which

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strated by the history of the two surra outbreaks on Mauritius

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now," said Levering, turning to a lamp-post as the only witness

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