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former is made up of three cases of organic cerebral disease in

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its subdivisions. Clot mainly red, but showed linear white markings on its

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admission had been subject to one or two attacks of pain and swelling in the

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upper extremities and trunk, very rarely the head. The diag-

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Miss Gordon, at the Matron's Office, at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday or Friday.

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sometimes found himself standing with the head of his cane on

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celled carcinoma, arising in a duct cyst. Discharged cured on 37th day.

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CASE I. Female child, aged eleven years, seen May, 1881. Was always a

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cally incurable, and are fully relieved only by morphia injections.

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weakened. Has lost much in flesh, and at times there have been well marked

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upon the retinal circulation. Such a view is based only upon

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1 . Narrate the career and achievements of Shivaji.

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lor of the face, cool skin, intense nausea, and severe vomiting.

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XXXI. C. R, set. 53, seaman, admitted February 21, 1846. For a month

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work consisting of delicate fibrous tissue and small-cell

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Fairly intelligent. Headache better. 14th day, rigor, with temperature 103"4°.

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head of cattle. The workers in the yards made desperate efforts

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Fowler's solution being ten drops three times daily.

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aim to affect only the cuticle, and try to avoid subsequent sup-

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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.

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the face and shoulders. Some dark brown patches were

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may appear. As a rule, the muscles of the lower limbs do not

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smashed up in the forceps, exuding a mucous jBuid ; thus

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