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or impairment of sight, or paralysis. For a period of six months he remained
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ance with the demands of the age ; an age of unparalleled ac-
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dragged through the hall by the family bulldog, Pete. Pete
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words, not until hepatization of the implicated lobe was fully
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the posterior columns of tho cord exhibit pathological alter-
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time ; hours in some cases. When several parallel strokes
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blood corpuscles. In and about the hypoglossal nuclei, vessels measuring
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stated, and the journals of the last five or six years contain
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* The forms upon which the annual reports for these years were rendered did not show these
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contact and pinching are less acutely felt in the part touched on the right side,
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Incorporated'April 10, 1855. Number of corporators, 39; number of trustees, 22.
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is lost below the epigastrium. Abdomen much distended ; im-
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5. The use of the money for any other purpose renders the borrower liable
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demonstrated methods employed in scientific autopsies ; Dr. E.
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was stupid, not reulising what was said to him. Temperature at first was 100^
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does not answer questions readily. Pupils equal and active. No optic neuritis.
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it, and no nucleus is visible ; in other cells the pigment is seen
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versely to long axis with another running backwards ; anterior fragment rotated
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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery, and was discharged 30 days
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monograph on the cerebral convolutions, to Ferrier's work on
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is no distortion of face, and the tongue comes out straight. The left upper
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are separated, there is perceived, at the bottom of the fissure of
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Prof. Charcot and others teach that this extension of sclerosis
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fession, without becoming special practitioners, began and car-

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