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utes after a horse is brought before him. Rather it is to his
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pain in the pimple. Here an impression made upon a branch
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contact with the flame, so as to prevent boiling. If orange red,
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lias become very pronounced, and patient must be urged to rise, to dress, to
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to an extreme delicacy, would urge that reliance be placed on
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Hospital Practice, Medical and Surgical, and the Special Depart-
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pears to understand what is said to him, and tries to answer; has control of
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oblongata) and in certain parts of the base of the brain large
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John Reynolds, President. William H. Durkee, Treasurer.
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the formation of courses of action, tending to obtain better leg-
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of the melancholic state, or the condition of depression.
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regards age, sex, and general appearance, but, unfortunately,
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hydrate was administered, the abdomen subjected to brisk rub-
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ful he must be of what he would say. At the last opening- of
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lower extremity is unaffected. The legs feel weak, but patient has noticed
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Patient walked feebly in a staggering way ; no paralysis or ataxia.
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of hyperaemia appears around the streak, and lasts for a long
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b. The formation of ideas. Is it diminished, and are trains of
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has been disposed to magnify all his symptoms. Urine normal ; no sign of
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ther said that he did not approve of political matters being
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paraplegia, is to be looked upon as a symptom of moderate
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from side to side. If the feet be bare, the patient's toes will be
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Hotel, Chicago, December 1st and 2d, 1904. The meeting was
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tinct than the left. The tongue deviates a little to the right. These points

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