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or by correcting indigestion. A case of well-marked insomnia

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touching- the sides of the tins, thus allowing more thorough

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are called horns ; they are symmetrical on either side of one

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In a case of chronic, adult chorea of 14 years 5 standing, which

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grounded in general diagnosis, in general therapeutics, and in

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unfortunately, possess for this disease, although nearly the whole

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observer; but these are what may be called periodic phe-

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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.

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answered all questions quickly and brightly, and said that

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Less current expenses not charged off .... 2,125 58

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Personal loans (average rate, 4.14 per cent.): 4%, $701,350; 4J%, $360,000; 4£%, $78,550; 4|%,

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offensive from the first, but more often this character of the

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false paraplegia (using the word as implying the existence of

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Due depositors on 4,968 accounts, averaging $153.41 each .

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spinal activity its reflex and automatic activity is increased.

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as the result of inflammation, was embryonic in character, and

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On the way the false ^sculapius died ; " Apollo," however,

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c. Lesions occupying the posterior region of the pons above

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and are then taken up by a species of fresh-water crustacean,

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