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13th. A lesion localized in one-half of the medulla oblongata

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nity to see him. As it was considered to be dangerous to enter

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led one German physician at least to admit a consciousness and

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attends tlie gynaecological department of any hospital can

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facial erysipelas on 17th day. Vomiting; gradual emaciation. Death on 37th

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With regard to the general distribution over the regions

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the hemiopia, i. e., the obscuration of the half-fields of vision,

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1902. The next was the organization of the State Board of

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and Sense ; the Nervous System ; the Digestive, Respiratory, and

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of the cervix. Whether there is any advantage in leaving

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3.90%, $48,250; 4%, $52,000; 4£%, $40,290; 4J%, $21,000; 5%, $25,000.

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surprising that the nurse should have been particularly

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It would be out of place in this short paper to trace out the

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He at once sent off a telegram, which proves that he actually

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excitable districts of the brain. The only symptoms present

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exist for years without anaesthesia and ataxia showing themselves,

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a. Guaranty fund (4-16% of deposits; increase during year, $12,000)

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supply. Every cavity of the heart was full of blood. Cover-

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Hard tender masses could be felt in both iliac fossffi. On inspiration the spleen

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Then a longer interval may be allowed before giving another

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This opinion is strengthened by the results of the feeding ex-

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to depress her or excite her emotions. I told the patient in the most positive

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testing the value of hyoscyamia as an hypnotic. 3. A relation

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The growth extended through the uterine wall to the

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causing some pressure upon the cauda equina. The smaller

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Klebs-Loefner bacterium in cases of avian diphtheria, while

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13^. Apparently better. Takes milk-punch and beef -tea with less diffi-

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under observation for about four weeks after this test in which

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In later times^ however, we meet with a lay association —

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tance these are the symptoms which characterize it :

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ness was transacted as lively as possible, so as to discuss and

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Board of Trustees: G. H. Allen, C. N. Barney, W. M. Barney, G. H. Breed, M. V. Bresnahan,

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