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What Type Of Pill Is Valium

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June 2Sth. The weakness of the left leg has greatly increased ; patient is
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were malleined, and out of the whole number 17 were con-
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2. Explain the contributions of the Nayaks in the field of art architecture
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The stomach showed several small shallow ulcers. The lymphatic glands of
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than any other over epilepsy ; that in the majority of cases the
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3.30 p.m.; face not affected. Trephined, and cerebellum explored; nothing
what type of pill is valium
observation, and by a consideration of the hemi-spasm whiqli
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Trousseau's lecture entitled "Exanthemes sudoraux," f much atten-
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ever, that the viscus had been torn asunder by a great rent, but
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For quite nine months she had noticed discoloration of the
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except under special ciicumstances. The vaginal stitches
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a comparatively simple one, but when embedded in tissues
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ence is more and more shown, and the tendency to reflex spas-
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but there was no change in regard to her power of articulation. At the same
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Board of Investment: T. A. Tripp, L. M. Snow, G. B. Luther, W. H. Judd.
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sional advice voluntarily, but yet judicially bestowed will be

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