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Beneath the patch there is an altered bundle of fibres of the
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1. H. E — , male, ait. 15. Labourer. Thrown from back of coster's barrow
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had any definite beginning-. The earliest man must have
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mal. No obstruction of intestines. Left kidney : its cortical
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two-shilliug piece in the mid-line in front of the circum-
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his reports : " Potassium Iodide in a Case of Nasal Obstruc-
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Linn (Chicago Vet. Col., 1890), Holcomb ; O. A. Hansen (Chi-
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The following figures, taken from certain years in which
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5-G. It is therefore a few mm. anterior to the vertical line A.
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firmly adherent — chiefly on the tonsils. The tonsils were
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The next important symptom to consider is ^^^'W. Persis-
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manufacture. A teaspoonful of the salts in a glassful of cold
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Cystic and common ducts patent. Discharge of bile, which gradually lessened
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these 34 were for tubercle bacilli^ tlie organisms being found
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Xjiine and contents. Fat next to dura mater injected. But little fluid under
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there is white substance outside of the gray horns. The shape
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A six montlis' practical course to meet the requirements of the "Conjoint
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2. The atrophy affects, in the vast majority of cases, symmet-
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memory of incidents in his own life, of the past illness of his
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mometer showed no fever. The pulse varied from 53 to 66 beats per minute,
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affection was made by Heine, who published the results of his
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bosis of veins of leg in 1. Of fatal cases: perforation in all,
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to allow a return to the bad old way of leaving the treatment of
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with a brandy enema. Rapid i ecovery. Discharged on 77th day. Readmitted
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Termination. — In this disease, we may have resolution, sup-
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ference with movements of cords through lesions about or
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other conveniences : according to the advice of us, and of wise men, it is
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epilepsy, as is shown by some of the cases I have read, and
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the size of a threepenny piece on free border of gut. Lymph on gut in neigh-

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