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cine, Vol. I., p. 106, 1873) I rejected this hypothesis, and sug-
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rapidly subdivide-, growing smaller and smaller. The former is
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pupils in our case that the condition, while one of fairly deep
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lately come under my observation in which this dual con-
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ciently detailed to be scientifically accurate. But they
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2. Diphtheritic ataxia. In 1864, Prof. Jaccoud, of Paris, called
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below, a patch about 2 mm. exists in the very centre of the
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epileptoid manner, and convulsions or petit-mal make their ap-
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sible to secure this indispensable muscular relaxation. In the
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case, that a clot or bony spicule will be found compressing
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find 125, or 6r88 per cent., were of the left joint, and only
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The wife of ^Esculapius was Epiou. He had two sons,
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Lecture II. Synopsis ; Systematic Lesions of the Spinal Cord ; Lesions
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larities. At that time, some six weeks ago, he had an ill-defined
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The Winter Session i 899-1 900 will commence on October 3rd,
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tainly not more than five minutes than B. came to me hurriedly with his
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till morning, and has had no return of the trouble to this date (Oct. 25th).
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Barrs, a. G., M.D.Edin., P.R.C.P.Lond., 22, Park Place, Leeds
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both feet along in an equally awkward way ; does not jerk or drag them.
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vision became impaired, but an examination by Dr. Noyes revealed no cause.
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vacuoles and contents apparently quite unaffected by reagents.

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