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and in Case II. the spasm was the first and only symptom for

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has an eye for colors, a musical ear and can spell words of one

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Dr. Robert Lawson, Assistant Medical Officer to the "West

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attention of scientists. Of course, he deserves that honor. He

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which follow may in some degree be caused by impaired nutrition

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either dextrose or glycerine, or with both together. Upon agar

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Has finished the study of law, and is in good physical and mental health.

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mulated, and undertake such other activities as its by-laws authorize,

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all diseases so accurately that his pupils can, by f merely looking

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Answers questions badly. Will put out tongue, which is dry, red, and cracked.

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ulum elsewhere, should apply to the Medical Secretary for detailed regulations.

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shoulder-blade for last few days. During the week before admission a rigor on

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sarcomatous. They were growing quite numerous, began to

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knee; continue treatment. May 4th. No more injections since yesterday;

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13. Can the system be so saturated with the poison that

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ing, the terrible pain being relieved only after the second dose. Finally,

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reaching on the left to nearly the anterior axillary line, and on the right side to

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of tetanoid paralysis involving the legs alone, or all the limbs.

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lution, and the anterior border of the third frontal convolution, on the left

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stable. He has apparently nothing except a slight contused

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was given after the last chill, excepting the .25 on anniversary

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better, but her abdomen began to swell, and she was tapped in that mouth, and

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come contractured, by reason of secondary changes in the lateral

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horse was very lame in walking and trotting, and when stand-

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he was not paralyzed, but exhibited complete insensibility to

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2. Focal, transverse lesions, situated just above the lumbar

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absolute anaesthesia and sensibility is an irregular line which externally rises

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Treatment. — Boracic bath 17. Ung. boracic. 2. Thiersch grafts 5. Re-

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opinion between the two original observers in this matter both

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the disease we have, furthermore, the failure of treatment by the compound

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spheres and cerebellum. If I add that histologically and

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tion, but merely to show that having decided to operate on these

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several hours each day. There must be plenty of outdoor exer-

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