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of the crufa cerebelli ad cerebrum. Other fibres, forming

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ments performed by all limbs slowly and feebly. No trace of imo-wdination

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as are also the convolutions of the right sphenoidal lobe. The inferior con-

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thesia. No abscess or other unpleasant consequence has fol-

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Board of Investment: N. D. Canterbury, T. H. Emerson, W. H Pratt, J. W. Bates, E. G. Bates,

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and when the advice is given to administer .18-.25 potassium

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very lai-ge series of observations on children, shows that

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would not be understood as claiming that the case positively

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became necessary. It also caused thrombosis of the iliac vein. A quantity of

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On ne pent s'cmpecher de reconnaitre ici les signes d'une hCmiplegie

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for three months. The general features of this case and the

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* From the Medical Kecord, N. Y. 1874. . A lecture delivered at the College of

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xanax xr 2mg side effects

Board of Investment: A. C. Snow, A. T. Newcomb, E. K. Crowell, H. H. Fisk, O. E. Eldridge,

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ing levels from the heads of fowls suffering with diphtheria.

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frontal bone. Frontal lobe was extensively softened and stained with haemiitoidin.

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one to five o'clock A.M., and characterized by severe spasm, biting of the

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the following countries : Germany, France, Russia, Austria,

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the cases I was very reluctant in complying with his request to

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1,434 pages, with 743 illustrations. The first volume treats of

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strated by the history of the two surra outbreaks on Mauritius

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appeared, but the condition was in other respects un-

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chondriac and epigastric regions, extending almost to the uiubilicus, and

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Mr. X. has been indisposed to use the right arm and leg, and

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pathological anatomy and semeiology of the disease. The con-

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"We furnish the vaccine and have it also injected by our

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which we in New York consider ridiculously small. What

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one is surprised to find that Prof. Flint in the last edition of his

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hundred or more cases. Suppose, however, that they are ac-

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showed no injury of any part excepting the right upper extremity, which

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Hydronephrosis. — -Mule 1. R. 1. Intermittent, ? traumatic.

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The figures at disposal show the following fractures :

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it is probable that now that the duration of the exposures

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direct your attention as the object of more exact and earlier

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the patient fancies, for example, that a celestial voice bids him kill

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