Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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The following bills were allowed and ordered paid : To 75

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arsenic, I have had little or no experience. The last named is

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disease, to cranial and neural injury, etc. In these varieties I

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of reflection of the vaginal flap there is usually left a little lozenge-shaped

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Jan. 15th. Circumference of right thigh, 34.0 ; right leg, 24.

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form was administered, and anaesthesia continued by means of sulphuric ether.

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eighth and fifth pairs of nerves ; the latter presenting an enor-

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contended from the outset by the supporters of savings bank insurance

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It is in the matter of age that the most striking result is

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repetitions of sensory impressions and of volitional motor

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it comes to the question of cases of distokia, of course it may

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be felt as low as the umbilical level. It felt hard, and was somewhat tender on

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of ataxia being present ; and conversely, ataxia -may be exhibited

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in Fig. 5. Besides, Flechsig determined that there were other

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»«i a. Guaranty fund (4.96% of deposits; increase during year, $5,000)

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* Reprinted from the New York Medical Journal, December, 1878.

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soft. Deeper in the section the lobulation was absent, the growth becoming

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1 patient admitted for neurasthenia. (See Table V.)

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result. Temperature rose to 103"G° after operation. Gangrene of left leg

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mouth; the pulse unaffected, beating sixty-five per minute. The hammering

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extremities are paretic or wholly paralyzed, numb, or anaes-

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"a great impediment in his speech soon followed." On admission is as above ;

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Where, however, the disease takes the form of a sprouting

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hardly add that the contracture, like the paralysis in hemiple-

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Cutaneous anthrax does not occur nearly as frequently as

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themselves and in the underlying tissue to a depth of .5 mm., with thickening

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Does not develop a surface growth on gelatine and agar stick

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and motor root of the trigeminus nerves. Laterally, in the pos-

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shoeing horses. The majority of the ills enumerated by me have

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rectly, patient has, involuntarily, the special spasm of full laughter very

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example, there are very few fibres which present the circular

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