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On August 23d, Prof. Austin Flint corroborated the diagnosis
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suffering, they could not be properly held for the meeting, but
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or not, was undecided. Neuroglia thickened. Acute central
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doses. Quarterly Jour, of Psychological Medicine, iii., 1869, p. 46.
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have been relieved or cured by specialists in the last thirty
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surely after a month or two of hard professional work, just as
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there is an increase of weight from August to December,
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acute conjunctivitis was present which produced a gumming
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the abdominal muscles it will fall within the sacrum. In the
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passed on she would control herself. I may state that the larynx was normal.
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Demonstrations are given in the Materia Medica Museum by Mr. White
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is a general belief that ^sculapius was a real person, a
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and pseudo-paralysis ; and, finally, if the occipital "lobes are
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their operation. It is common, however, for persons recovered
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corpuscle. Examined by staining they appear in joints, the ex-
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seat of diffused central myelitis, pupillary symptoms are seldom
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surrounding pancreas bulging forwards above stomach and infiltrating great
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the limb only with considerable difficulty and apparently al-
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spasm, follows an injury, however slight, in the temporo-
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eighth cervical, and to the first dorsal nerves, and the upper
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ciency of the veterinary service in the United States Army," has
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puration. From four to twelve strokes can be made in an in-
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f Consult Ferrier, The Functions of the Brain; New York, 1876; Munk, TJeber
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uterus retroverted, ar^d extending behind it a hard mass about the size of a
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versity degrees. " Hans " (that is his name) has attracted the
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b. Profit and loss (increase during year, $11,513.23) .....
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side. Still works. Ordered to continue treatment, with addition of 4. ext.
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nomena noted ? If these had been in the anterior lobes of the
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and on the eighth day his cough was checked. He was at hos-
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New Club premises adjoining the Medical School were opened in June,
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cerebral disease. This statement is based upon the study of

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