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in evening dress, and on his way home became thoroughly chilled. During
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Personal loans (average rate, 6 per cent.): 6%, $5,098.50.
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the nucleus lenticularis has important motor functions. That
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at first unsatisfactory. On Dec. 10th a large collection of
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tome, and made several horizontal sections through the whole
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remember the past glory of India and rest of the world.
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Another consultation (Drs. Caro, Sands, Stephen Rogers, and E. C. Seguin)
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the dry antiseptic with packing in order to get it to the bottom
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ment it is believed that eventually the depositors will be paid in full.
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memory of words and that of co-ordinated movements necessary
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the management, in connection with Dr. R. A. Archibald, of
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may not be enough of such work to warrant his relinquishing
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Fatal case. — A. P — , female, set. 41. Married. Has had 11 childien and 2
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5. Degeneration of the ganglion-cells of the anterior horns.
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him noticed that the pupil of tabetic patients did not dilate in
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tion of an obscure case for several days, is a mark of the pains-
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is forcibly felt in fifth intercostal space, nine centimeters from median
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Health has been good; denies masturbation, sexual excess, and syphilis.
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present undemonstrable) exists or occurs in those parts of the
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under the saddle. Among those in harness, the first 8 horses
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quinia; the drug acting in its specific manner on the system, and
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jerk. In a very early stage of posterior spinal sclerosis no con-
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The mode of administration will be stated in connection with
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some weeks before the weakness became apparent. There was
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Board of Trustees: C. F. Byam, M. E. S. Clemons, Frank Dow, J. H. Gibbs, W. S. Glidden,
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and early life, and finally his deification. Our knowledge of
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over right nerve, and pain ceased. To-day sent out cured.
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ing gait and stooping in the last few months, and in the same
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C. A. Gleason, L. M. Hanff, George Harwood, G. N. Harwood, Harding Jenkins, G. P.
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4. Epilepsy is so serious a disease, one which, if not inter-
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From the patient's mother I obtained the following history of
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