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tion is distinct ; mind clear; the head is not tender. The right eyelid is in
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linism or statical electricity, Galvanism (or Yoltaic electricity),
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cicatrices such as we see after common ulcers of the legs.
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etc., and seems not to be at all aphasic. Labial sounds are best
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operation performed by Dr. V. Schaefer, of Nebraska.
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Vaccination is taught practically by Dr. CORY, who is authorised by the
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about by fibrillar muscular contractions. On comparing this condition with
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tion of something starting in the epigastrium and rolling up to the throat,
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which the cocci were formed in chains ; often the single indi-
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For assistance in the compilation of the tables I am in-
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case is interesting to the pathological point of view, and as far
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tibial protuberance. The taps should be gentle at first, and if
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result. Temperature rose to 103"G° after operation. Gangrene of left leg
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brain. Very restless after operation. Could not answer questions or recognise
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" Now we have thirty-one. There's a lot to look aftei- ! "
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chronic conjunctivitis, and the colon hacilluft from an
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Weir Mitchell and William Thomson, of Philadelphia, we have
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congenital scrotal hernia, which had been operated on by a cas-
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Tutorial classes in Physiology are held by the Demonstrators prior to the
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of this city, was partially destroyed by fire yesterday. Mr.
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flammation extended to the upper lobe of same side; tympauitic dullness is
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to you. This is what I would call a physician's natural growth
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ing of the eyelids and membrana nictitans, and ulcerated cornea.
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required to have passed the 2nd examination of the Conjoint Board, or an
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ment over the open calked shoe from a physiological standpoint,
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as State Veterinarian of Kansas, where the lives tockindustry is
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I append a reproduction of Ferrier's chart of psycho-motor
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to under the eyes and nostrils, and pitting on pressure, but not
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The animal is usually found to be dull or listless, with
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and the secontt operation was performed also under the impres-
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cause of death, the discovery of slight hemiplegia should
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parts. The most common of these physiological properties is

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