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that the characteristic disharmony in the action of various mus-
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crossing of the l^mbs, and tripping. If during the efforts the
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and in that gray matter the passage of the abnormal sensation
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others by gestural description, and this was very noticeable even
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Street railway bonds . . ... . 200,000 00 203,750 00 200,000 00
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discovered. To-day has usual depressed, anxious look, is not noifj, lias no
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This was largely the experience of the Veterinary Medical
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Board of Trustees: C. L. Briggs, C. K. Fox, H. E. Gale, J. E. Gale, S. P. Gardner, H. H. Gil-
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The patient developed peritonitis after exploration of the
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Incorporated February 28, 1845. Number of corporators, 38; number of trustees, 14.
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a practical turn of mind and a sympathetic nature, has the
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pain ; emaciation. Vomit in large quantities. On examination, grent emacia-
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on his mind when repeated to him, and, conversely, the words
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to walk, she does it with a great deal of difficulty and only as a
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emancipated him from drudgery rather than caused his extir-
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began over the right eye, extending from the supra-orbital notch inward to
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The preparation of the patient. — When time permits, the
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that tuberculosis rarely spreads from hog to hog. The reason
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the cerebrum presented, the hemispheres in their upper median
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patent. During application of bandage respirations became feeble, and at long
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and thigh (deep). Treated with boracic ointment and picric acid. Sloughs
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the comparatively rare diseases which general practitioners can
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Bride for permission to make use of the case. Mr. D., a clerk, aged twenty-
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par de rcmarquables decouvertes, plus contribuC que pcrsonne a etablir, il
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germs in milk and something of their nature, and many of the
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any time, except as a complication from the occurrence of cerebral
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stone was removed through an incision made in the urethra at
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3. Sleep and great muscular relaxation are produced. To
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the dura mater as well as a large quantity under it. The
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funds, has been applied only to those counties, cities, towns and dis-
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their effects upon the foot, without consideration of the subject
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During the past year a very complete aseptic operating room has

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