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collapsed and thinned. Multiple peritoneal growths, which had matted the

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was more luxuriant, the single colonies uniting together into a

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bad conditions of life alone. It can be produced only by the

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body ; the forearm is extended and pronated, with fingers tightly clenched

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Togo stallion, died, the river dogs so inoculated with the blood

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organs, due to a morbid dynamical state of the nervous system.

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sore. In about a fortnight the left leg was similarly affected. It is interest-

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surface by substituting one large flap fur the two lateral

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the night, more especially those with fidgets or physical rest-

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Glands in axilla enlarged. Amputation of breast and clearance of axilla on 5th

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hallucinations of a pleasant kind, and slight dryness of the throat. No alter-

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governing the thumb and index. Consciousness is never lost. No general

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A few months ago I should have been disposed to make the

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prevent the formation of bed-sores, and to heal those which

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in one there Avas a distinct growth in the body of the uterus

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(often of crossed variety), anaesthesia in the face and limbs,

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the onset of gangrene. Moreover, excepting for the ulcera-

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(Accounts opened during year, 32S; closed, 287; increase, 36)

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Section No. 3, 25 mm. further back, showing the lenticular

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be felt by the finger. The quinine was continued every hour, and the whis-

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frequently recurring spasm was very violent, and soon reduced

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saw thieves in a room, but there were none to see. A patient

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1 C. Handfield Jones, Lecture on slow pulse and epileptoid attacks. Lancet,

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same substance ; corpora amylacea in both the gray * and white

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cases : e.v^ploration in 1, pyloric growth extending on to stomach

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Dairymen's Association, held at Herkimer in the middle of De-

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